SportsCenter: The Documentary? A Response to Pratt

The three most popular theories for distinguishing documentaries from audiovisual works of fiction are those of Carl Plantinga, Gregory Currie, and Noël Carroll. Yet all three theories fail to provide a basis for excluding live sports broadcasts …

Interactive Works and Gameplay Emotions

Video games differ from films, books, and other mainstream media both in their interactive capabilities and in their affordances for gameplay. Interactivity and gameplay are closely related, as interactivity is necessary for gameplay. Unfortunately, …

Melodrama and the Psychology of Tears

Melodramas are sometimes called "tearjerkers" because of their ability to make viewers cry, but there is currently no detailed account of how they succeed at this task. Psychological research suggests that crying occurs when people feel helpless in …

*Snow White*: Critics and Criteria for the Animated Feature Film

Interactivity, Performance, and Emotion

Audiences usually consider emotional responses to be the most important part of their experience of art, particularly popular arts. Emotional responses are largely based on the audience's observations of the artwork's formal elements; in the case of …

Author Meets Critics: Noël Carroll's Engaging the Moving Image

Representation, Reality, and Emotions across Media

Melodrama, Tears, and <i>Life of Oharu</i>

Helpless Spectators: Generating Suspense in Videogames and Film

Identification in Comics